Attend one of our special events and discover how your thoughts control every action in your life.

Explore and change the way you think, act and feel in an environment that enables you to create positive changes in a dynamic moment of time!

This is an amazing time to be on the planet. You can now be part of the great planetary awakening by tapping into the hidden talents and resources that are yours.

In the infinity of time there exists within us all the ability to expand in ways we never thought possible, until we changed our thoughts.

Join us in this adventure to unlock the power of your mind!

"Control your destiny,

                  master your life"

​                                Don Spencer

Our philosophy is simple; We teach the mind and body how to think, act and feel like a mindful person and to overcome past difficulties to become a more confident and relaxed individual. 

By tapping into the mind’s natural ability to accept new “programs” we are able to train a person’s mind how to behave more efficiently. By supporting nutritional wellness programs we assist your wholeness!

Our programs are natural and becomes a wholesome part of a person’s life.


Today a great awakening is taking place. Communication skills & whole brain learning are the key to understanding the principles of dynamic change."

Since the dawn of man, we have struggled to communicate effectively.  When we begin to realize that we are programmed to act, think and feel in a certain way, we can rethink how we can change that program by discovering our internal hard drive and simply update old outdated files!

Our Foundations training will take you there quickly and open your mind up to a new realm of possibilities you might not have considered.

One thing is for certain, you will never look at yourself or others the same.

Climbing High

"There is now a time to learn advanced communication skills to help face the challenges of the future."

Today there are many avenues a person takes to learn advanced techniques in communications. My contention is that the easiest path to awareness is one that is simple to understand and utilize.

Our Climbing High seminar has been designed to eliminate the clutter of non useful paradigms and go directly to the core beliefs that one holds onto that creates dis-ease, dis-harmony  and disillusionment and replace them with hope, peace, love, charity and a new sense of passion for awakened living here.